Friday, July 7, 2017

Artist Jason Humphrey uses the meticulous medium of pen and ink stipple to tap into the innate creativity of his subconscious. Raised in Los Angeles CA, Jason was introduced to the world of graffiti, and loved to go out and do it every chance he got. On the advice of his mother, he joined the Navy at the age of 17, to leave the world of trouble and gangs behind him. Fortunate to travel the world in what was some of his most formative years, the early influences of experiencing different cultures has had a profound effect on his work. A self-taught artist, Jason draws from his imagination, mixing different mediums of color and collage with intricate pen and ink dot work. Subjects range from his love of animals, to pop icons, and comic characters. Subjects are usually outlined, with the image "creating itself" day to day. Not knowing or planning the final outcome is part of the intuitive process that allows him to create without any limitations or rules.